The Merry Back Company™

The MerryBack™ is more than a posture corrector or back support. It is a Non-surgical spinal decompression device easily worn under or over your clothing that aleviates back pain while you sit. The MerryBack™ Spinal Decompression System is more than another back brace or posture support. It is a 3-in-1 back pain relief product that leverages your body's architecture to provide gentle traction, support, and weight displacement. The weight of your upper body is transferred to your hips, bypassing your lower back where all that pain is. The result is that back pain while you sit or stand is alleviated and your spine is decompressing, reversing years of compression, stress and weight bearing. In addition, you can wear it comfortably for long periods.

The MerryBack™ can be worn inconspicuously in the office, at home, or even while driving. You will benefit from a gentle traction which reduces back pain and promotes self-healing of such conditions as Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated Discs, Muscle Spasms, and Sciatica. When properly adjusted, MerryBack™ can also alleviate back pain while you stand, walk, or even ride a bike*. The system includes an E-Z-Switch system to accommodate a variety of activities and body sizes.

The optional MerryBack™ Belt Extension increases the waist and chest dimension to accommodate from 42” to 55”.

Say goodbye to inconvenient and costly treatments and get your MerryBack products today!

*CAUTION: Do not bend all the way over when wearing the MerryBack or participate in lifting of any kind. MerryBack is not a lifting belt nor is it intended to support the back during exercise, bending over positions or strenuous activities of any kind. Using MerryBack in any way other than for its intended purpose could result in severe bodily injury.

*WARNING: Consult your doctor before using the MerryBack if you have had prior surgeries, have conditions of the back, lungs or abdomin that might be aggravated by decompression, pressure or restricted breathing, or IF you are pregnant. The MerryBack is no substitute for regular exercise and proper diet. Be sure to breathe deeply with full expansion of the lungs while wearing this device and drink plenty of fluids to allow your spinal discs to fully hydrate. MerryBack is not a medical device and has not been approved by the FDA. MerryBack, its owner, agent and marketers of this device disclaim any and all responsibility for injury or aggravation of existing conditions.