How Does the MerryBack™ Work?

The patented MerryBack™ spinal decompression system leverages your body's architecture to decompress your spine gently*.

The MerryBack™ transfers the weight of your upper body to your hips, bypassing your lower back where all that pain is. Taking the weight off your lower back creates a gentle stretching or pulling apart of the spine called "spinal decompression". Decompression is a thousand year old effective way of alleviating back pain caused by compression of your spine due to gravity, old age and repetitive use, such as in sports or lifting. The patented MerryBack™ is different though, because most back pain products squeeze your back or dramatically pull it apart -- like inversion tables, hanging from a doorway or pushing on a bar.   At MerryBack™ we discovered that those products provide too little or too much decompression. The MerryBack's™ gentle decompression takes place while sitting or standing and slightly leaning forward --*after a lot of research we learned that this kind of decompression provides longer pain relief than other products. It is believed this subtle decompression, a couple of hours a day, enables blood and nutrients to flow into the soft sponge like discs that separate painful vertebrae that are too close together giving your discs the time they need to re-hydrate, or "puff up" again and regain their padding. It is this "gentle decompression" that enables the MerryBack™ to provide long term pain relief after wearing it only a couple of hours a day for about 2 weeks.

The MerryBack™ also supports the spine, making good posture easy and may even be good for such conditions as kyphosis in elderly people that bend forward while walking. It is comfortable to wear while sitting for long periods of time, and is the only decompression device that is effective while driving, working in the office, or while standing.

Durable and practical, the MerryBack™ consists of an ergonomically designed neoprene dual-band system that fits comfortably below the breast and around the waist. Each neoprene band is tightened independently, enabling a perfect fit with any body type. Once selected, the decompression risers are inserted on either side of the waist. After insertion into the upper and lower bands, an exoskeleton exists that supports and gently expands the lower spine when slightly leaning forward.

"Wear it, wash it, pack it."

The spinal decompression system can easily be rolled up and stored in its included carry bag, disassembled, washed, and reassembled. Its lightweight and durable construction is safe on the plane, in the car, or wherever you go. Ready to order? Choose The MerryBack™ and "let your back breathe again."  


*CAUTION: Do not bend all the way over when wearing the MerryBack or participate in lifting of any kind. MerryBack™ is not a lifting belt nor is it intended to support the back during exercise, bending over positions or strenuous activities of any kind. Using MerryBack™ in any way other than for its intended purpose could result in severe bodily injury.

*WARNING: Consult your doctor before using the MerryBack™ if you have had prior surgeries, have conditions of the back or lungs that might be aggravated by decompression or by restricted breathing, or you are pregnant. The MerryBack™ is no substitute for regular exercise and proper diet. Be sure to breathe deeply with full expansion of the lungs while wearing this device and drink plenty of fluids to allow your spinal discs to fully hydrate. MerryBack™ is not a medical device and has not been approved by the FDA. The MerryBack Company LLC, its owners, agents and marketers of this device disclaim any and all responsibility for injury or aggravation of existing conditions.

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