How Does the MerryBack™ Work?

The patent-pending MerryBack spinal decompression system leverages your body's architecture to decompress your spine gently. The decompression takes place while sitting or standing and slightly leaning forward, alleviating back pain. The product also displaces upper body weight from the lower spine to the hips. In addition, consistent use facilitates the self-healing of inflammation between the vertebrae. Lastly, the MerryBack product supports the spine making good posture easy, even over long periods.

The MerryBack™ is so comfortable while sitting for long periods of time it is the only decompression device that is effective while driving, working in the office, or while standing.

Durable and practical, the MerryBack™ is comprised of a neoprene dual-band system designed to fit comfortably below the breast and around the waist. Each neoprene band is tightened independently, enabling a perfect fit with any body type. Once selected, the decompression risers are inserted on either side of the waist. After insertion into the upper band, an exoskeleton exists that supports and pushes the lower spine apart when slightly leaning forward. In addition, the gentle decompression enables blood and nutrients to better flow into problem areas enhancing the body's natural healing response and eliminating recurring pain with use.

"Wear it, wash it, pack it."

The spinal decompression system can easily be disassembled, washed, and reassembled. Its lightweight and durable construction is safe on the plane, in the car, or wherever you go. Ready to order? Choose the MerryBack™ and "let your back breathe again"!