The MerryBack™ Story

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On-demand spinal decompression therapy that provides lasting pain relief when you need it.

The MerryBack™ Story

An Accidental Discovery That Began A Mission To Create An Affordable DIY Spinal Decompression Device That Eliminates Back Pain Without Interrupting Life

My name is Paul Sacco, and I am the founder of The Merry Back Company. I am an active guy in my late 60's who suffered from lower back pain that wouldn't go away. I tried many products, but could not find a single one that would provide lasting relief. I was exhausted using ice packs two to three times a day for pain relief; pressure wraps claimed to decompress, but only squeezed my lower back. Finally, I found relief hanging upside down, but how long and often can a person hang upside down? ...

Paul Sacco, Inventor of The MerryBack Spinal Decompression therapy

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...Through research and consulting with leading doctors and researchers in the field of Osteopathic Medicine, I learned a commonly used non-surgical way to relieve a majority of lower back pain is through the process of decompression. Decompression can be a gentle process of creating separation between the lower vertebrae. Most lower back pain is caused by inflammation between the vertebrae that is further aggravated by compression from the weight of the upper body. The simple solution is to let the back "breathe again" ®. After all, how can anything heal if it’s being constantly squished? Can all those years of gravity on your spine be reversed by pushing on a bar for 5 minutes a day, squeezing your spine with a wrap, or hanging upside down for 10 minutes? The answer is no, they can't. I needed something could provide continual decompression long enough for my body to heal on its own naturally.

Then one day while suffering from back pain I found myself leaning across a tall counter top with my lower body hanging freely. Almost instantly I felt relief. I wasn't hanging upside down or wearing a wrap. I was simply eliminating the weight of my upper body pushing down on my lower vertebrae. It was at that moment I knew that I needed to find a way to replicate this while sitting or standing. I tried complicated methods and eventually discovered a simple and better way to displace the weight of my upper body and provide the decompression that my vertebrae so desperately needed in order to heal. That discovery was the MerryBack™ which gently decompresses the lower spine. Comfortable and flexible, MerryBack™ can easily be worn for the length of time necessary to allow the wearer's body to heal the inflammation between the vertebrae that so often causes chronic pain.

The Merry Back Company™ was created to distribute the MerryBack™ but more importantly to continue the mission to eliminate chronic lower back pain caused by inflammation around the world with affordable non-surgical solutions*.

Paul Sacco, Founder

The Merry Back Company™

CAUTION: Do not bend all the way over when wearing the MerryBack or participate in lifting of any kind. MerryBack is not a lifting belt nor is it intended to support the back during exercise, bending over positions or strenuous activities of any kind. Using MerryBack in any way other than for its intended purpose could result in severe bodily injury.

WARNING: Consult your doctor before using the MerryBack if you have had prior surgeries, have conditions of the back, lungs or abdomin that might be aggravated by decompression, pressure or restricted breathing, or if you are pregnant. The MerryBack is no substitute for regular exercise and proper diet. Be sure to breathe deeply with full expansion of the lungs while wearing this device and drink plenty of fluids to allow your spinal discs to fully hydrate. MerryBack is not a medical device and has not been approved by the FDA. MerryBack, its owner, agent and marketers of this device disclaim any and all responsibility for injury or aggravation of existing conditions.