The MerryBack™ Story

The Discovery of a Lifetime

An accidental discovery that began a mission: To create an affordable
spinal decompression system that alleviates back pain without interrupting life.

My name is Paul, I am the founder of The Merry Back Company LLC. I'm an active guy in my early 70s that suffered from debilitating lower back pain. I tried many different products, but couldn't find a single one that provided lasting relief. I was exhausted, using ice packs two to three times a day for pain relief. Pressure wraps claimed to decompress, but only squeezed my back and drugs and surgeries were not appealing. 

Eventually I found relief hanging my legs off the edge of a table or by hanging upside down, but hanging was too intense and only felt good while I was actually doing it; and I couldn't do it long enough! I needed to get that "hanging feeling" all day long without having to hang. I knew there had to be a better way. And I was right...