There IS Hope for Your Chronic Back Pain

Say hello to the patented MerryBack™ spinal decompression device and goodbye to back pain!
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Understanding the Causes of Chronic Back Pain

As you age, you put more strain on your lower back. From sports activities to simply carrying groceries, your spine takes a beating. Your vertebrae are full of nerve endings. When the sponge-like discs between them begin to compress the vertebrae get closer together and begin to hurt. Eventually they pinch the nerves in your spine, which can lead to sciatica and chronic back pain.

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MerryBack™ Overcomes the Limitations of Traditional Back Pain Relief Products

Most back pain relief products only squeeze your back. Some, like inversion tables, or other hanging or rack products, provide too much decompression, are bulky or require multiple visits to medical providers, and only provide temporary relief. The MerryBack™ is so different, we obtained a US Patent on the way it works. Its ergonomic design provides just the right amount of gentle decompression for long lasting relief, not just while you're wearing it. And... its portable, light weight and can be worn under your clothing! The MerryBack™ is a three-in-one spinal decompression system that leverages your body's own architecture to transfer the weight of your upper body to your hips and off of your lower back where all that pain is, creating a lower back stretch that alleviates back pain while you sit or stand.

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MerryBack™ Provides Pain Relief Across Multiple Activities

Unlike many other back pain devices, The MerryBack™ can be worn comfortably and inconspicuously under or over your clothing for long periods of time at home, at work, or even while driving. Our E-Z-Switch system accommodates a variety of activities and body sizes. Adding the available belt extension to any purchase allows the MerryBack™ to accommodate waist and chest sizes up to 60”. When properly adjusted, MerryBack™ can also alleviate back pain while you stand, walk, or even ride a bike.

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Safe and Affordable Discreet Pain Relief

If nothing else has worked to alleviate your chronic back pain, you owe it to yourself to try The MerryBack™ — especially if you are considering drugs, injections or expensive and potentially risky surgery. This non-invasive solution is much less expensive and has little risk of complication. This affordable solution is easy to use at home, and can also be worn discreetly if you’re going out. Simply place it under your clothes and no one will ever know you’re wearing it! Say hello to a revolutionary back pain relief product when you order yours from The MerryBack Company today!™