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"Why did I invent MerryBack™? Because I needed relief from my own back pain and couldn't find a solution." I tried everything!

— Paul Sacco

Founder, Merry Back, LLC

"The purpose of this short video is to explain what spinal decompression is, how it alleviates back pain, and why The MerryBack™ does it so much better."

— Paul Sacco

Founder, The Merry Back Company LLC

This short video is designed to help customers put on and wear the MerryBack™ Portable Spinal Decompression Device

— The Merry Back Team

Back Pain Hackers and Enthusiasts of all things Merry!

"This Video illustrates how the MerryBack™ works and why it is different from other products you may have tried."

  -The MerryBack™ Team