Does the MerryBack™ Really Work?

The short answer is yes, because it’s one of the few products that provides long term pain relief and is 100% natural.


MerryBack™ uses “spinal decompression”, an age-old method of relieving lower back pain. By transferring, the weight of your upper body to your hips and bypassing your lower spine, MerryBack™ reverses the process caused by old age and overuse. MerryBack™ encourages your thinning spinal discs to puff up again and regain their padding by allowing nutrients and hydration to flow back in to them.

MerryBack™ is the world’s first inexpensive, lightweight portable, spinal decompression system, you can wear under your clothes that actually decompresses your spine. Its unique design was even awarded a United States Patent.

There are thousands other back pain relief products on the market that claim to provide decompression, but they simply squeeze your back, are too expensive, require multiple office visits or are dangerous or impractical to use.  Merryback™ provides just the right amount of decompression for long lasting pain relief for the person with everyday lower back pain above their belt line.  It’s simple to wear. Worn only a couple of hours a day for about 2 weeks, it can be an effective alternative to spinal injections, surgeries, and drugs.

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